Brand Platform

The University of Nebraska Medical Center combines a proud history, a dynamic present and the promise of future excellence. Our brand is as bold, courageous and forward-thinking as the thousands of people it represents.

Brand Strategy

To provide insight into the changes that are taking place, we have assembled an informative set of questions and answers in a document titled, “Understanding Our Brand Strategy” that you can download for yourself or share with others.




We are Nebraska Medicine and UNMC.

Our mission is to lead the world in transforming lives to create a healthy future for all individuals and communities through premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care.

The Stand

We are Nebraska Medicine and UNMC.

We lead the world in transforming lives to create a healthy future

through extraordinary care, discovery and learning.


These are the values that make up the ethos of our brand.

Commitment to excellence
Working together
A trusted resource


The UNMC brand illustrates our strengths and qualities: leadership, commitment to excellence, collaboration and trust. Likewise, our “brand voice” – which is the content and the tone of all our communications – exhibits those same qualities.

Our brand voice:

  • Reflects a position of strength, distinction and confidence – but not arrogance.
  • Reinforces the association between “Nebraska” and the “excellence” that results from disciplined hard work, meeting difficult challenges, extending compassion and creating a better quality of life.
  • Emphasizes the dynamic quality of the work we do together. We view collaboration as an energizing, productive opportunity.
  • Accentuates the breadth, depth and interdependency of UNMC’s strengths. We have earned the trust of our fellow Nebraskans and are first and foremost a resource for Nebraska.

Brand Positioning

Our brand positions UNMC as a vital entity that is synonymous with vigorous good health and strength, alive with opportunity, a source of discovery and essential to the well-being of Nebraska.

This vitality resonates with everyone who knows UNMC. It is a product of our enthusiastic outlook and speaks to our assertiveness and shared commitment. Our communications should be infused with the same sense of urgency, energy, confidence and determination.

Being vital means we are a multidisciplinary team that is:

  • Always looking toward the future;
  • Driven by a consistent, sustained focus on keeping all Nebraskans healthy and improving lives everywhere;
  • Convinced that outstanding results have their roots in disciplined preparation and dedicated effort;
  • Motivated to bring recognition and economic prosperity to Nebraska through the creation of innovative medical breakthroughs;
  • An educational force that keeps talent in the state and attracts new talent to Nebraska.


The tone of UNMC is confident, authoritative, courageous and intelligent. Employing a consistent tone in all our communications keeps our brand message equally consistent, identifiable and trusted.



The UNMC brand reflects our personality. We are Innovative, Visionary, Caring and Hardworking.

We treat one another with respect and kindness. Our mutual commitment to educate the next generation of health care professionals and create an environment that fosters breakthrough research is underscored by compassion and decency.

We are collaborative. We work together to realize important outcomes by actively seeking – and finding – creative and truly interdisciplinary solutions.

We combine pragmatism with a sense of possibility. We value health care innovation and discovery because together they create self-sufficiency for our citizens; a robust health infrastructure that helps communities to thrive; economic growth and peace of mind.

We communicate frankly and openly. Leading by example means we express ourselves clearly and honestly and reinforce everything we say with action.

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