Pages are custom designs not intended to be reused as templates. They contain a combination of standard and custom components arranged in a specific order, or are standalone designs, developed for a very specific purpose.

University Homepage

The University homepage showcases UNMC at the forefront of some of the most urgent health issues facing our nation and our world today and positions UNMC as a leader in health sciences education.

The design is modular, built from custom and standard full-width components and accessible to all audiences. Recommended components include:

  • The global UNMC header
  • A hero with background video and brand messaging
  • A custom story carousel to showcase research
  • A standard feature grid to route visitors to “education and training”
  • A custom stats panel with images, stats and icons for local, national and global areas of impact
  • A standard feature carousel
  • A standard news post panel
  • Social feed

Program Finder

UNMC’s program finder is a tool for prospective students to search for, filter and find the right academic program. Visitors can filter by program type, area of interest and campus location. Online and on-campus preferences are also available. Results show program name and degree type. Program cards link to a program page within a college or department subsite.

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