Templates are not be altered for use beyond the stated purpose. Please contact the Department of Strategic Communications if a template does not fit your needs.


Email Signatures


The UNMC email signature template now includes an option with gender pronouns. Download the file, copy your preferred signature into Outlook and fill in your information.

If you are dually employed by UNMC and Nebraska Medicine, please request a dual signature from Strategic Communications.

How to create your email signature:


Word Documents

All Word Documents

PowerPoints | Large Groups/Auditoriums

PowerPoints | Everyday Use/Less ink

Temporary Signage

All Temporary Signage

Zoom Backgrounds

All Backgrounds

Add branding to your conference calls, presentations or online classes with these Zoom backgrounds.

Download the background you want to use and save it to your computer.

Open your Zoom meeting, click the up arrow next to “Stop Video” and select “Choose Virtual Background.” Click the “+” next to the Choose Virtual Background to upload your image and set your background. Don’t forget to uncheck the “Mirror my video” box option under Video Settings.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to engage with your target audience. The design is responsive, so it adjusts your text and images to be readable on a phone, tablet or computer.

If you’d like to try Constant Contact, sign up for a free, 30-day trial account. Once your trail account is established, contact Ryan Shaw for a UNMC branded template.

If Constant Contact is right for your college or department, you can switch to a paid account which allows you more email contacts. Pricing varies if you pay monthly or annually.


Monitor Slides

All Monitor Slides

Want to display a campus event or announcement on UNMC’s digital monitors? Use this template to help design your slide(s). For campuswide postings only, please submit the file to Strategic Communications.


All Certificates


All Flyers

Letterhead Word Templates

All Letterhead Word Templates

Letterhead templates are available for UNMC/Nebraska Medicine, UNO/UNMC and other partnerships. If you need one of these templates, contact Strategic Communications.

Watermarked emblem paper is available through printing services.

Fax Cover Sheet

All Fax Cover Sheets

Header Bars

All Header Bars

Name Plates

All Name Plates


All Notecards



Please contact Public Relations to request the Oral Exam/Defense Program Template.

Research Ads/Flyers

All Ads/Flyers

Modern Scientific Poster

There is a movement to create a better, more effective scientific poster. Watch this video to learn more about the reasoning behind these changes.

If you need to generate a QR code for free, visit QRCode Monkey.

Traditional Scientific Posters

Now available: flame retardant poster paper upon request.


All Wallpapers

Request a Template

If you are in need of a template not listed above, please submit details below to the UNMC Public Relations Department.

The templates above are not be altered for use beyond the stated purpose. Please contact Public Relations if a template does not fit your needs.

Please Note: UNMC Printing Services is available and should be consulted to assist you with professionally designed print materials, such as advertisements, annual reports, brochures, newsletters and postcards.

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