Navigation & Menus

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Header Navigation

The Header Navigation serves as the top level of navigation. The links and arrangements vary between main UNMC pages, colleges, institutes and select centers. Across the uppermost bar, there are links for the UNMC and Nebraska Medicine sites, as well as section-specific calls to action. Below are the UNMC logo and, in the case of colleges and centers, an acronym logo. Finally, there‚Äôs the set of primary links, which act as either dropdowns or links, depending on the information architecture. The dropdowns have one of two layouts: 1) they organize links into categories that can be navigated through tabs or 2) they layout all links without categorization. Note: The main UNMC navigation contains a link for “About Us,” while colleges and centers have their respective About links in the footer navigation.

Horizontal Navigation

The Horizontal Navigation serves as the secondary level of navigation. This set of links appears on key landing pages and quickly surfaces the next level of pages within that section for ease of way-finding.

Subpage Navigation

Subpage Navigation serves as the tertiary level of navigation. With nested child links, users can navigate to the deepest levels of content on the UNMC site.


The footer houses the address, supplemental links, social links, copyright information and important links to university policy, the notice of non-discrimination and the UNMC’s accessibility statement. The links and arrangements vary between main UNMC pages, colleges and select centers.

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