Our website templates are predesigned with structure and component options for the layout and features of pages. Some templates, like the academic program template, serve a narrow purpose; others, like the tertiary template, offer more flexibility for content creators. Templates help bring consistency to the user experience.

Landing Template

The full-width template is designed as a single-column layout, optimal for landing pages one level off the UNMC’s homepage and sub-site front pages. It can serve as routing to tertiary content and can utilize all standard full-width components to create dynamic, media-rich and immersive pages. The landing page template supports strong messaging, high-impact photography and video, and clear calls to action.

Tertiary Template

The tertiary template is a two-column layout that is best for deeper-level pages that contain granular information. The template supports all tertiary components and a sidebar for sub-page navigation, micro features and content cards. No more than two sidebar components (in addition to the navigation) should be used per page. The length of the sidebar should never exceed the length of content in the main column. This template is versatile and makes up the bulk of pages on the UNMC website. When applicable, the tertiary template can be used as a site front page.

The tertiary template is also available as a full-with layout. In this variation, sub-page navigation, micro features and content cards are not available.

Academic Program Template

The Academic Program Template is designed to bring consistency to all program pages across UNMC’s colleges, departments and degree-granting units. At a minimum, program pages should include a hero image, program introduction, program snapshot, outcomes, related programs and a call-to-action panel. Optional components include program highlights, special features and router grids.

College Homepage Template

The College Homepage template is a limited-use design for colleges and the Office of Graduate Studies that employs a custom header, footer and tall hero image for each college. Primary and task navigational elements, as well as footer links, are college-specific. The template utilizes full-width components. We recommend including an overview, an explore programs feature, the locations feature when 10 applicable, college news, testimonials, events and next steps for prospective students.

Story Template

The Story Template is a limited-use full-width design for editorial and multimedia articles. It is reserved for stories published by Strategic Communications on the top level of unmc.edu. The template supports long-form text, a variety of image layouts, pull quotes, micro features, social sharing, a stats panel, and related stories. Stories that use this template should support the University messaging, have a wide appeal, showcase innovative education or research, and highlight notable accomplishments.

Faculty Bio Template

The Faculty Bio Template is a limited-use two-column design that standardizes the presentation of faculty across UNMC divisions. The design utilizes a subset of standard tertiary components to display professional titles, contact information, a photo (900x600px) and a brief biography. Additional biographical information such as accomplishments, awards, and publications can be included in accordion sections. Components for related videos, image slideshows, and featured research are also available on this template.

Listing Person Template

This Listing Template standardizes people listings across UNMC divisions. Entries for faculty and staff include name, professional titles, contact information and headshot. Each entry may link to an individual bio page. Navigation is present on the template, and is used to route visitors to other pages within the current section or additional listing pages.

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