Photography and videography

Properly chosen, high-quality images and videos add humanity, power and definition to the University of Nebraska Medical Center message across a variety of communication platforms.

Student & Patient Consent

Media Authorization Forms

Always obtain written permission prior to photographing, videotaping, interviewing or recording any student or patient at any UNMC or Nebraska Medicine facility. Each Media Authorization Form contains instructions for obtaining consent from a student or patient and/or parents (if the patient is younger than 19).

Style Direction

The photography that represents UNMC may reflect many styles depending upon its use. For example, the tone and content of images selected to illustrate a medical procedure may not be the same tone or images used to represent an informational article aimed at the general public. The intended audience and the goal of the communications piece should always be considered when selecting the proper images.

For information about requesting the creation of videos and photos, please refer to this page, which also links to request forms for photography, head shots and videography.

Sense of Place

Real patients and employees, as well as settings around the medical center, are preferential over stock images.

Look and feel

Spontaneous and relaxed images evoke more of an emotional response than staged, stiff photography. For example, rather than picturing the members of a medical team standing against a wall, a better shot would be in their work environment with their faces at staggered heights, perhaps with some members standing and some seated.

Photographic Style

Bright, clear photos with a variety of tones are preferred over dark, monotone images. The purpose of the photo is to draw the viewer in, and that is best accomplished with lively photos full of rich tones. For a more serious or journalistic feel, photos can be converted to grayscale or desaturated.

Modern and Progressive

Modern images that challenge viewers and capture their attention strengthen UNMC's position as a progressive leader in the world of medicine. If the photo appears to depict a scene or people from the 1990s, find another photo.

Imagery Sources

If stock photography is the only alternative, be certain the image is clear and of the same high quality as other UNMC photos. Never settle for an inferior photo just to put something on the page.

Environmental Support

Placing human subjects in their natural environments helps tell a more complete story. For example, if a child recovering from surgery is the subject, depict them doing what they enjoyed doing before surgery, playing a sport or a musical instrument, perhaps. This illustrates a life returning to normalcy after overcoming a serious medical challenge.

Ready-to-Use Photos

UNMC has assembled an online library of original photos that are available for use upon request. If you would like to access the photo gallery, submit this form.


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